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Search Helps & Tips

Shop Search Engine A search engine, and tips.

AltaVista help Good tips at the bottom.

GoTo There motto is "Search made simple".

Infoseek go network A good help page.

Infoseek Advanced You are able to really pinpoint your search.

Search engines

First of all we will explain how hyper links work.
A hyper link is usually "highlighted and underlined" text which when the left mouse button is clicked on will take you to that particular Web page. The following will be a hyper link to this page. What will happen is that this page will reload. Example:
computer club
The following hyper link will take you to the message board. You can click on this icon(small picture of envelope), notice when you move your mouse over the icon, your pointer changes from a pointer to a finger. Example:
icon:small picture of envelope

Search engines
The word search is obvious. The word engine means a computer program that works like a card catalog. It takes Web pages and categorizes them.
Most search engines have a box area where you would type in your search request and most have a button right after or below that you click to start the search. Example:
picture of search box
What usually shows up on the results page is a number of Web pages that match your search. Anywhere from 10 to 1000,s of hyper links to different Web pages and a brief description of each page.
The more experienced Web surfers use little tricks to limit the number of hits (number of Web pages found) and to get more responsive answers to their search.
Let's say you want to search for Web pages about hot dogs. So you type the words hot dogs in the search box and click search, the results page would return thousands of Web pages that have the words hot and dogs in them. In other words your results could bring back Web pages that contain any content with the word hot or any content with the word dogs neither of which is what you were looking for. But if you were to put quotes around "hot dogs" this would only bring results from Web pages that have content about hot dogs.

On this Web page there are hyper links to different sites that contain information about search tips.

From Webmaster
In this area will be links that your fellow Greenbriar residents will contribute. The first one dedicated by the webmaster. It will be the Greenbriar message board which is a area that you can post messages and receive responses. If you would like help on message boards click here.

Pictures of Greenbriar activities.
E-mail Directory for Greenbriar

From Pat

Bootcamp Computers & Technology
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Free directory service
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Concordances of Great Books
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NJ Energy Choice
New Jersey Home Page
Site Contains Jigsaw Puzzles

If you would like to submit some of your links or bookmarks please E-Mail the webmaster at

If Greenbriar residence would like to have a E-Mail directory, just drop me the E-Mail and let me know.

I am working on a chat room.