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This page contains explanations of hyper links that are generally used. The explanations will be as I know and use them. The first area will be a repeat of what is on the first page. I have changed computer club link to reload this page.

First of all we will explain how hyper links work.
A hyper link is usually "highlighted and underlined" text which when the left mouse button is clicked on will take you to that particular Web page. The following will be a hyper link to this page. What will happen is that this page will reload. Example:
computer club
The following hyper link will take you to the message board. You can click on this icon (small picture of envelope), notice when you move your mouse over the icon, your pointer changes from a pointer to a finger. Example:
icon:small picture of envelope


Where is this going to take me.
When hyper links are moused over (move your pointer over a hyper link) your pointer changes to a finger but also in the text window at the bottom of your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) it will display where you will go if you click on the hyper link. Usually it will be a Web page (http://www.shopbricktown.com ) but it could also be an E-Mail link (mailto:anyname@AOL.com).


What happens when I click on the hyper link
If you click on a hyper link that leads to a Web page either locally, (computer club is local) or on a different server, (ShopJersey.com is on a different server) the browser or computer looks to see if there is actually a page by that name. If there is it will take you there, but if there's no page by that name, it could do a number of things. One would display a 404 error, meaning that you basically got to the server but there was no page by that name. Or if the webmaster of that particular site set up a 404 redirect it would most likely take you to their front page. ie: shopbricktown.com is set up this way. Or you might get a pop-up screen that would tell you there is no DNS (Domain Name System) for that site. This means that there is no domain name like that in the system.
If the hyper link was a mailto: or E-Mail link, and your browser was configured properly, an E-Mail program would pop-up and start automatically. It would fill in the E-Mail address that you were mailing to, and your return E-Mail address and sometimes even fill in the subject matter. Where at that time you would type in the content or body of your message and press send.


Addresses of the Web Note you only need this information if you type in Web page addresses
I could write pages about this subject. In short, a Web page address usually is something like the following:
www.ShopBrickTown.com - www.shopbricktown.com - www.shopbricktown.com/green
All of the above Web Page addresses could be typed in the address or location window box at the top of your browser.
The first one would lead to shopbricktown main page. The second one would do the same. The third one would bring you to the Greenbriar computer club page. /green is the name of the folder that I made for all of the Greenbriar information.The www in all three means world wide web. Shopbricktown is the domain name and the.com is reference to the DNS. The most common DNS are .com-.net-.org-.gov.
If you looking at the first address you'll notice that capitalization of S B T. I put that there to show you that in a domain name(www.shopbricktown.com) there is no problem with case sensitivity. But this is not true with folder names. Anything after "/" has to be typed in exactly as seen. Also notice there are no spaces in between any of the words this is also true in E-Mail addresses.
Their are very very few exceptions to these rules. Most of the time if you get in error double check the address for the above rules.


Happy Surfing