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This page contains explanations of message boards that are generally used. The explanations will be as I know and use them.

First of all we will explain what is a message board
Message boards are a way for people to communicate with each other in an open forum. It is similar to E-Mail in respect that you send an E-Mail and you can respond back to the person that sent you the E-Mail. A message board lets you do the same thing except it is open so everybody can see your message and any responses that were posted. A good example of this is Rita posted a message looking for a used couch. The messages that are posted are also dated, so you can see when they were posted or when the last response was given.


How do I post a new (Reply to) message
First you go to the message board page. There you will see messages that have been posted. In the subject column is usually the subject of that particular message. The next column is replies, and that shows you how many people have responded to the particular subject or message. The poster column tells you who was the original person to post the message. Then of course the date, the most recent is first. To view any of the messages all you have to do is click on the hyper link under the subject column. There will be a maximum of 10 message posts per page. To see more "if there are more" you can click on one of the page numbers below the gray area. Below that is the area for Post a new message:.

  1. The first text box is for your name or nick name, usually you would put your first name. On this message board you're name is optional you do not have to fill that in to post a message. But of course nobody would know who the message came from.
  2. The second text box is for your E-Mail address, which is also optional.
  3. The next is a check box for E-Mail notification if someone responds to your message. Of course this will not work unless you have filled in the E-Mail address box.
  4. The Subject box does have to be filled in. The subject could be anything that you want it to be.
  5. Then the body of your message, which also has to be filled in.
  6. Now you're ready to submit your message, push the button that says "Post Now" and it will bring you to a page that you can review what you have written before it is submitted. If everything is ok, then press "Post Now" again. ( If you want to change something just press your back button on your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) and redo what needs to be fixed than redo step 6 ).


How do I Reply to a message
To reply to a particular message or subject go to the message board page and click on the hyper link of the particular message you want to respond to. Below the gray area there will be text boxes very similar to post a new message except with the heading Post a reply to this message:. There you would do the same as steps one through six above.


Lock your name
If you are a frequent user of the message board and you don't want anyone else to use your name. We have the ability to give you a password when you use your name. In other words when you post a message and you are a registered user, a text box will be displayed that says that particular name is being used. At that point you will be given an opportunity to fill in a password in the text box. What this does it is protects you from somebody else using your name to post a message or response. If you would like this, E-Mail the webmaster@shopbricktown.com and give me the name you would like to use and what tag you would like to show up next to your name. Ie: "new user, Greenbriar1, Greenbriar2" or anything that you would like.


Happy Surfing